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freighthopping, hoboes, boxcar art...
While this site has been in existence for 15 years, since I don't ride anymore and contributions have been sparse it will have to remain "as-is" to be used for reference only and not as any sort of dynamic source for current freighthopping trends.

Remaining are sections on photographs of chalk drawings left on freightcars by hoboes, railroad workers, and various mis-guided individuals, articles about freighthopping in general, stories from riders about their experiences on the rails, and links to other sites with similar information.

Externally, I have my recent images (www.northbankfred.com/images), a guide to Castle Crags State Park (www.northbankfred.com/castlecrags), and on the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture website (www.bbcrc.org) there is a comprehensive bibliography of almost 500 listings on railroading, freighthopping, and nomadic rail culture. by .