My First Train Trip

I am going to tell you about the time I hopped a freight train. It was four years ago. I was five years old then. I was the Littlest Hopping Hobo back then. That's what people called me.

My parents and I drove about six hundred miles to California. We have a friend who lives there. His name is North Bank Fred. My dad calls him the Dean of the Hobos. He is very nice. We haven't seen him for a couple of years. When I said a couple I meant four years.

Littlest Hobo and companions north of DunsmuirWe got on the train when it was stationary. We went from Dunsmuir to Black Butte. It took about an hour. It was very hot. We passed around a bag of chips. Meaning that we shared all of the chips. We passed over a bridge and up a mountain then we saw where a train had de-railed! It was really cool. We didn't go down to look at it but we could see it from where we were. And that's my trip! We camped that night in the Hobo Jungle!