Sacto to Oakland

Once in Sacto we went to my friend's house to see if he was in town. What sucked was that his grandad just passed away so he wasn't too happy, but we hung out for a few days and helped him through shit (I hope). We got there and they were off to the funeral, so me, Justus, Nicole, and Troll sat on the porch and got drunk 'til they got back. Afterward we all went to the American River and took a swim (nice rope swing by the train bridge, it's really on the old train bridge which is now a walking bridge). Anyway the next couple of days were a drunkin' blurr to me. We met up with one of our friends who went to jail in K Falls on the way down (different train). He said they kept him for 5 days due to no ID or something like that. Anyway when we headed out it was just down to me, Nicole, and Justus. We lost Troll somewhere in the night, but he knew where we were headed and would meet us there. So we went to, I think it's 4th and D St. maybe 7th. I have hopped outta here before many times, it's the big turn before the Amtrak station. Anyway after we walked onto train property I noticed that most of the bushes had been cut since the last time I was there, but we found a nice place to wait. After an hour or so a junk train pulled up and stopped for Amtrak. We ran up and down that train finally finding an open box. Both sides were open so it was nice, if you have ever ridden from Sacto west you would know it's nice to see both sides at SOMETIMES.

So we were out of Sacto - our train was a nice ride as far as I'm concerned. We found a piece of cardboard in the box that said "traveling hippy, need help". I thought that was funny. Also there was a pizza box with a receipt on it, funny also. Well we got to Fairfield I think, maybe not, but this was awhile ago so I may be wrong, but I think it was Fairfield. Anyway we heard the train break air, so one of us looked out the door and saw the units headed toward us and said hang on. They hit us pretty hard (inside a box anything is hard). It seems we dropped off some cars there, but we got lucky. So now we're right behind an SP unit. We're still headed toward Oakland. Well that was good for a moment. We get to Emeryville and that is as far as the train is going. So we jump off and figure out that the BART (fart) is the only way to Oakland from here unless we want to wait for the next train, so we skip fare and ride fart to Oakland.