Trains and Polecats

A couple of years ago I was riding a stack from Montana to Minnesota and went into the hole for a west bound higher priority and I saw a skunk casually loping west bound between the rails on the mainline. Not wanting to be the victim of his or hers defenses I just stood in the well and watched him go by. About that time I looked up and saw the west bound Zee train hauling ass towards us. Not wanting to see the little guy get run over I started yelling at him. That didn't do any good so I threw what few sticks and stones I found laying on the deck of the 48 at him and that got his attention. He turned around and started running the opposite way between the rails oblivious to the train coming at him. Acouple of seconds after that it was all over. At least I tried. A minute or so later we got a green light and were once again rolling east... About a quarter of a mile up the track I see this dust covered little black and white critter running up the mainline albeit wobbling a little bit doing just fine. It made my day.