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Hopping Freights (part 7)

This photo represents the high point of a long, cold day in February 1981 spent in the Sparks, Nevada yard, waiting to go east. I caught out of Oakland the evening before and made good time to Roseville, and after a surprisingly quick crew change we took off up the Hill. As often happens, the scenic portions of the train trip occur at night, with daylight hours spent sitting around freightyards waiting for a train. This trip was no exception. The entire day consisted of getting up to pee, getting up to get more wine, getting up to look out the boxcar door, etc. At some point, after looking "out the door" and gazing over the same rows of cars for the zillionth time, this tumbleweed suddenly tumbled by, boosting my spirits by adding a little diversity amidst the sea of rust-colored cars seemingly stretching to the horizon.